Virtual Game Nights Relieve Pandemic Fatigue

Dark winter evenings and forced isolation sparked a new social opportunity for Cincinnati Friends Meeting in January. As Ministry and Counsel considered novel ways to encourage connection in the days of COVID, member Carole Barnhart suggested online game nights.

“It was really kind of a selfish suggestion,” said Carole. “I’d love to have some more people to play with. My kids are a little tired of me asking them.” She stays connected with her children who live in North and South Carolina through a website that hosts many of the board games they enjoy playing when they are together.

The group has met twice. As they play on the website, group members converse by video chat. “It’s been good to play with people I don’t know very well,” Carole notes. The group hopes to meet for game night every other Saturday, but the schedule is still developing. “The game group has been an excellent way for me to get to know others in the Meeting in a more personal way,” shares Jim Crocker-Lakness. “I have been missing chatting every Sunday after Meeting. This provides some of the informal relationship I miss.”

If you are interested in joining in on the fun, email Carole.

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  1. Cathy | | Reply

    This was a stroke of genius, Carole!

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