First-Day School

young-fds-groupFirst-Day School (Sunday School) occurs during meeting for worship at 11 AM from September through May.  The program is currently being revised, more detail will be shared at a later date.

The First-Day School has multiple adult co-leaders/facilitators. Their approach is query-based, youth-driven, Spirit-led, and community-grounded. The classes include Biblical teaching and Quaker history and testimonies, as well as opportunities for the young people to share their experiences from their own faith journeys.

first-day-school-1The leaders and youth respect each other and that of God in each other and themselves. They have lively discussions as they explore their spiritual paths and find ways to share experiences and grow. They have fun. They support each other.

The older youth have been able to work on and present several messages during the regular Meetings for Worship. They have also sponsored community activities such as picnics and game nights.

At Cincinnati Friends Meeting, we see young Friends as an important part of the larger faith community.