Officers, Clerks, and Coordinators

The following are the current officers, representatives, committee members, and task coordinators.

All officers (except Treasurer, Financial Secretaries, Statistical Secretary, and Statutory Agent), and task coordinators serve one-year terms renewable up to six years. For information about the terms of the Treasurer, Financial Secretaries, Statutory Agent, and Burial Committee members, please see the Cincinnati Friends Handbook

For officers, Burial Committee members, representatives, and task coordinators, the year that appears after the individual's name is the year when that person's term began. For committee members, the year that appears after the individual's name is when that person's three-year term expires. An asterisk (*) next to the year indicates the person's second three-year term. Each person can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms before taking at least one year off that committee.

Officers, trustees, Ministry & Counsel members, Scholarship Committee members, and Nominating Committee members must be members of the Meeting. The minister and Clerk of the Meeting are also ex officio members of Ministry & Counsel.


Presiding Clerk: Michael Ramos (2019)
Recording Clerk: Nan Hatch (2019)
Treasurer: Glenn Williams (2019)
Financial Secretary: Jeff Arnold (2018)
Assistant Financial Secretaries: Sabrina Darnowsky (2011) and Jim Kimmel (2018)
Statistical Secretary: Barb Napier (2015)
Statutory Agent: Rick Reckman (2019)


Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC): Nan Hatch (2021)


Rick Reckman (2022~)
Eric Staples (2022)
Glen Williams (2023*)
Jeff Arnold (2024), clerk
Paul Leasure (2024)
Eric Hatch (2024)

Ministry & Counsel

Cathy Barney (2022)
Carole Barnhart (2022)
Ray Geers (2022), Clerk
Dick Patterson (2022)
Kathy Stewart (2022)
Debbie Miller (2024)

Peace & Social Concerns

Karen Foster (2022*)
Elizabeth Newby, clerk (2022*)
Bob Pierce (2022)
Joe Henry (2023*)
Judy Leasure (2023*)
Judy Keairns (2024*)
Mary Wittrock(2024)

Diedre Hazelbaker (2023)
Dick Patterson (2023), Clerk
Sharon Riley (2023)
Vicki Culler (2024)
Sabrina Darnowsky (2024)

Valerie Shesko (2022)
Debbie Overmyer (2024*)
Rick Reckman (2024*), Clerk

Cathy Barney (2006), Clerk
Sabrina Darnowsky (2012)
Valerie Shesko (2018)

Public Health Ad Hoc Committee

Jeff Arnold, Clerk
Glenn Williams
Marjorie Isaacs
Jim Newby

Task Coordinators

Arrangements: Paul Leasure (2014)
Cards: Debbie Overmyer (2016)
Communications: Carole Barnhart (online) (2021), Judy Leasure (print) (2013)
First-Day School: Nan Hatch (2021)
Greeter: Debbie Miller (2019)
Hospitality: Debbie Overmyer (2020)
Social Media: Deidre Hazelbaker (Facebook) (2021), Deidre Hazelbaker (Twitter) (2020)
Young Friends: