Virtual Meeting Update from Jim Newby – 3/23/20

Dear Friends,

Yesterday morning, we experienced our first Meeting for Worship and Centering Down via virtual technology. Sitting at home with our computers, we were able to connect with one another, listen to a Message, and share joys and concerns. We had a few glitches (this being our first time) but all in all it worked very well. Thanks to Deidre Hazelbaker for sharing her gift of technology wizardry! According to Sabrina Darnowsky, our Facebook editor, there were 258 people from around Cincinnati and the world who worshiped with us! There were 10 of us in Centering Down, but many more wanted to participate. Next Sunday we will have the software to allow unlimited numbers to join us. All of this to say, we are learning to cope in this brave new world of pandemic.

The class on Quakerism, which was supposed to begin on Tuesday evening, has been cancelled until June. Please watch for further updates concerning this class.

Thank you for your patience during this crisis. I am grateful to you and the entire community of Cincinnati Friends Meeting for your love and support. Stay home and stay safe.

Jim Newby

RE: CFM Response to current COVID-19 guidelines – updated 3/17/2020 1:40 PM

A Letter to all Members and Attendees of Cincinnati Friends Meeting

     A few years back there was a television series titled, Cheers. You may still be able to see the
re-runs on late night T.V. The song that accompanied this series was titled, “Where Everyone
Knows Your Name.” The opening line is, “Making your way in the world today takes everything
you’ve got.” No truer words could describe the situation we find ourselves in today.

     The COVID-19 Virus and its spread is disrupting everyone’s life. I cannot remember anything so
disruptive to normal routine in my lifetime, and such disruption is affecting the community life at
Cincinnati Friends Meeting. This is a particularly difficult situation since Quakers have a
Testimony on Community. Being told to distance ourselves socially and stay at home is not
something that we accept easily. The good news is that social distancing cannot stop us from
caring for one another, and it cannot stop us from continuing to love one another. The challenge
we face is this: How can we all stay safe, and remain in community with one another?

     Facing the realities of our new situation, it has been decided that we will shutdown all
activities at CFM for the next two weeks. A new ad hoc committee on health will be meeting
during this time to discuss future steps. We are in the process of working out a possible “Virtual
Meeting for Worship,” that one can access via our web page and Facebook. More information on
this to follow.

     In the meantime, please be safe, and remember the words of Jesus when he said, "Do not be
anxious." Also remember the words of George Fox, who wrote during a dark and difficult time
of persecution: “…the Lord is at work in this thick night of Darkness that may be felt: and Truth
doth flourish as the rose, and the lilies do grow among the thorns, and the plants atop of the hills
and upon them the lambs do skip and play…the Seed of Christ is over all and doth reign.”

Jim Newby, Minister and Public Friends
Cincinnati Friends Meeting

From Jeff Arnold, Financial Secretary

Dear Friends-

As we move through these perilous times, we have much to think about, starting apparently with toilet paper.
I'm going to give you something else to think about, which some of you have already reached out to ask:

How do I make my weekly/monthly donation to CFM?

Some of you have set up autopay Those checks are arriving at the meetinghouse and will be deposited.

Others of you put your check in the plate or the donation box.
We are asking you to mail those checks (do not mail cash, please) to the meetinghouse (see address below.) It is important, believe it or not, that we keep those donations coming. Glenn Williams, our treasurer, reminded me that our bills, just like yours, keep on coming regardless.

That's it for now- please let me know if you have any questions.

In Community,

Jeff Arnold
Financial Secretary

Cincinnati Friends Meeting
8075 Keller Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45243

Let’s Help the Freestore Foodbank “Bag Hunger”

Message from the Freestore Foodbank:  "At this time we are asking you to not conduct food drives. Doing so could add to the current challenges at the local grocers and require additional volunteers to sort and pack.
If you would like to help your local pantry and see their needs for food or volunteers, find one near you.  

This project is now on hold and will resume when the worship resumes.  Kristin delivered all the donations that were in the entryway to one of the local food pantries recommended by the Freestore Foodbank.  They were very appreciatieve!!

Freestore Foodbank Sundays are when we give particular thought to the hungry in our community. Consider bringing in a donation for the Freestore Foodbank.

We are also starting a new “Bag Hunger” program. On Sunday you will be able to pick up a reusable green shopping bag from the Peace & Social Concerns Committee. Use it to bring in non-perishable food items and personal care items for the Freestore Foodbank. Empty the reusable bag into our bins. Then take the bag home with you again for a future donation. There will be a list of their most needed items attached.

Their top priority is canned protein - Tuna, chicken, ham, spaghetti & meatballs, chili with meat & beans, beef stew, chicken noodle, lentil soup, canned beans, chicken gumbo soup.

Top personal care items include: Soap, shampoo, deodorant , toothpaste, tooth brush, feminine hygiene products and disposable diapers. (no glass items please)

Thank you for your generosity,
The Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Congratulation to Elizabeth Newby on the release of her new book!

Elizabeth Newby's book, A Migrant with Hope: A Memoir of Peril and Promise, was released on February 28. In the Epilogue she writes about Cincinnati Meeting, and the Minute of Social Justice on Immigration and Family Unity, which was written by Judy Leasure, and which our Meeting approved last year. She writes, "What are we doing with these children in cages at our border? What has happened in America that we criminalize poverty...that we criminalize hunger? The great scientist and Frenchman Louis Pasteur has said, 'One doesn't ask of one who suffers what is your country and what is your religion? One merely says you suffer. This is enough for me. You belong to me and I shall help you.'

 You suffer. This is enough for the community of Cincinnati Friends Meeting who drafted a Minute of Social Justice on Immigration and Family Unity…

 Copies of Elizabeth’s book are available for purchase in the office for $14 or through any major bookseller. 


Next Daytime Spirituality Group – “The Kingdom & the Key Group”

Thursday, April 9, May 14, 10-11:30 AM "The Kingdom & the Key Group: A Companion to the Parables" led by Donne Hayden. The group will read some of the "authentic parables" of Jesus (as determined by the Jesus Seminar) and consider traditional interpretations of each parable along with a "new old key" that may change our perspective.  We start our time with food and fellowship in the Fireside Room from 10-10:30 AM and then gathers in the library until 11:30 AM. After most Thursdays, many in attendance continue our fellowship with lunch at a local restaurant. All are welcome for all or part of this special morning!

The Traveling Friend




Online Traveling Friend
For more than 50 years, the printed version of The Traveling Friend has been our Meeting’s main mechanism for sharing information about recent events, thought-provoking commentary related to Quakerism, profiles of our new members, and more. We will continue to print this valuable publication, but we are also making an online version available via our website:

The online version of The Traveling Friend lets you read articles almost as soon as they are written—you don’t have to wait until the next quarterly edition of the printed version comes out. When you subscribe to the online version, you’ll receive an email notification as soon as a new post is available. In addition, you can share comments about any article and engage in a dialog with the author and other readers.

We hope that both methods of communication will help foster community among all our members and attenders. If you would like to share your own articles, please send them to or put them in The Traveling Friend mailbox in the meetinghouse library.

Yard Sale

Wilmington Yearly Meeting is sponsoring a Yard Sale over the Memorial Day Weekend, in order to raise funds for the ongoing ministries of the Yearly Meeting. Please begin to collect what you would like to donate. There is only one restriction...They do not want any used clothing. We will be open for drop offs the week prior to the yard sale.  Stay tuned!   

2020 Wilmington Yearly Meeting

Mark your Calendars! Cincinnati Friends Meeting will be hosting Wilmington Yearly Meeting at our Meetinghouse July 23-26.  Attending from Ohio Meetings will be Friends from Cincinnati, Vienna, Jamestown, Martinsville, Londonderry, Xenia, Sabina, Clarksville, Wilmington & Highland County. They will join Friends from the Tennessee Meetings in Knoxville & Maryville. Stay tuned for more information and how you can help this important gathering.