Cincinnati Friends Meeting Sunday Worship – New Zoom sign on information

Every Sunday you can join us using Zoom.  

We encourage you to read Jim's Centering Down before 10:00 AM, EST on Sunday by going to:

The Zoom invite from Sunday, September 4 will be the same login information until further notice.

10:00 AM, EST, Virtual Centering Down - email for Zoom invite, before 10:50 AM on Sunday.

11:00 AM, EST, Virtual Meeting for Worship - email for Zoom invite, before 10:50 AM on Sunday.

Dear Friends: Ministry and Counsel has discussed the issue that was raised in our Zoom Worship a few weeks ago, concerning how we present ourselves on or off-camera. Some have chosen not to join us via the use of the camera, and some have chosen to be on camera. Ministry and Counsel is grateful for your participation whether you choose to be on camera or appear with just your name. This is an individual choice, and we support whatever choice that is made. Here is our statement: 

The Question of Video on Zoom Meetings
What is our protocol for enabling video — allowing yourself to be seen — as we meet via Zoom? Well, there isn’t any. Rather than mandate particular behaviors, we trust each individual to decide as prompted by the Inner Guide. As we gather for worship, you may want to ask, “Is it better for me and those gathered here for me to show myself or not?”

“God doesn’t usually tell us what to do in so many words. But it’s amazing how the world offers nudges once we ask!”— Plain Living

February’s Daytime Spirituality 2/11/21 – Save the date & read the book!


Author Philip Gulley will be leading a book study of his book, Unlearning God: How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe. 
"America's favorite Quaker storyteller explores the terrain of faith and doubt as shaped by family, church, and young love, finding his way to a less convenient but fully formed adult spirituality. Gulley describes the process of spiritual growth, especially the re-interpretation of the earliest principles we learned about God. Gulley teaches the reader to let go, or unlearn these burdensome obstacles in their faith so that they can forge a more authentic relationship with God."image.png

On Thursday, February 11 at 10:00 AM Philip Gulley will be joining Cincinnati Friends Meeting via Zoom for our Daytime Spirituality group.   Feel free to share this information.  If you are not on the Cincinnati Friends Meeting's mailing list, email to be sent the Zoom link.  

Gulley attended Marian University in Indianapolis where he studied theology and sociology. He then nrolled at Christian Theological Seminary where he received his Master of Divinity in 1992. While in eminary, he became the pastor of Irvington Friends Meeting in Indianapolis and began writing essays for the church’s newsletter. Paul Harvey, Jr. received those newsletters and shared them with a publisher. A few months later, the publisher invited Gulley to publish his essays, which resulted in Front Porch Tales, his first book in the best-selling Porch Talk series of inspirational and humorous essays. He has been writing ever since.

Gulley has served as a Quaker pastor for 30 years, currently pastoring Fairfield Friends Meeting in Camby, Indiana. Additionally, he hosted the television program Porch Talk with Phil Gulley on the Indiana PBS affiliate WFYI and their flagship show Across Indiana, for which he received two Emmy® Awards. He also writes the popular monthly Home Again column for Indianapolis Monthly and is a regular contributor to The Saturday Evening Post. In 2010, Christian Theological Seminary awarded Gulley an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree. In 2014, Gulley was presented with an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Franklin College, in recognition of his body of work.  To learn more about Philip go to  His "PlainSpeech Messages" are also available to read. 


Winter Traveling Friend Submissions

As we get into 2021 we are preparing for our first Traveling Friend print edition of the year. Please submit stories, photos, announcements, poems, thoughts to Judy Leasure by January 27. Email -

Saturday Evening Social Gatherings Suspended

The sense of the Ministry & Counsel Meeting on Wednesday evening is to suspend CFM’s weekly Saturday afternoon get-togethers for now. Though we so enjoy gathering around the firepit, we above all want to be careful of each other as temperatures drop and Covid cases rise. We will happily reconvene as soon as it is prudent to do so.