Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

In following our testimonies of Equality, Integrity, Community, Simplicity, Peace and Stewardship. . . 

and after careful study of the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Public Health Committee saw no responsible course of action other than re-instituting an indoor mask mandate. The Meetinghouse remains open (for worship, meetings, etc.) with the understanding that all will be masked, regardless of vaccination status.  

Fellowship will be outdoors, weather permitting.

Sunday Worship

Centering down has returned to the Cincinnati Friends Meeting library.  There will no Zoom connection for the 10:00 am centering down.  

There are two ways to participate in weekly worship:

    1. Attend indoors. Masks are required inside the building.
    2. Attend via Zoom remotely. 

First Day school and Nursery Care are now available. Children and adolescents will need to be masked and socially distanced.  

The Zoom invite will be the same login information every week until further notice.  A reminder email is sent out to our mailing list on Saturdays.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list email the office at

Updated Directory & Permissions

An email that included a form to fill out was sent out to all attenders. The information we are gathering includes contact information, names & phone numbers of your emergency contact, permissions to use your image, and other important information.  We need everyone who attends to fill out a form. Thank you!  If you have difficulty filling out the form, need us to resend you the email, please contact the office.