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Cincinnati Friends Meeting has been a vital part of this city since 1815. You can learn more about our Meeting and the history of Quakers in southwestern Ohio through various resources.

Friends Past and Present

Friends Past and Present: The Bicentennial History of Cincinnati Friends Meeting (1815-2015)—This 352-page book written by one of our members, Sabrina Darnowsky, provides an in-depth look at Cincinnati Monthly Meeting, how it has changed over the past two centuries, and how it fits into broader trends in Quaker history, Cincinnati history, and American history. From founding such local institutions as The Children’s Home to running a hostel for relocated Japanese Americans during World War II, the members of this meeting have made an impact that continues to be felt.

You can borrow this book from our library or purchase a copy online or at the meetinghouse. A Kindle version is also available.


Quakers: That of God in Everyone—Led by what they refer to as their “Inner Light,” Quakers participated in some of the most transformative moments of society during the last four centuries. Although many people are familiar with Quakers such as William Penn, Susan B. Anthony and Johns Hopkins, other Quakers—including many who settled in the Midwestern United States—impacted society in significant ways, including fighting to abolish slavery, helping to rebuild after war, and participating in the Civil Rights Movement. This documentary will introduce you to the dramatic untold stories of those who helped change the course of American history by seeing that of God in everyone.

This film, which was produced by Cincinnati Friends Meeting in association with Rebel Pilgrim, received the Silver Crown Award from International Christian Visual Media in the category Best Documentary over $50,000.

You can borrow this DVD from our library, purchase a copy online, or view it on YouTube.


Just Among Friends—This online video presentation on the history of Quakerism and Cincinnati Friends Meeting was given by Sabrina Darnowsky, the author of Friends Past and Present, to the Indian Hill Historical Society.

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