Resolutions on Racial Justice

How do we move beyond concern, prayer, and writing Minutes that express our Quaker commitment to racial justice and equality? How do we act beyond prayer and writing?

One answer came during Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on February 14, when five resolutions on racial justice were introduced for study and reflection.

This effort is being led at the community level by EquaSion, the organization formerly known as The Trialogue of Faiths. Our pastor, Jim Newby, serves as a member of their planning committee. He shares that the hope is to get 30 or more faith communities that represent 13 different religions to join together in a true interfaith effort, which is being called A Mighty Stream, part of a quotation from the prophet Amos: “Let justice roll down like waters, and faith as a mighty stream.”

Five Mighty Stream Resolutions on Racial Justice

We resolve to discern our personal and communal biases and commit to transforming our lives for the greater good.

We resolve to listen and learn from each other as we pursue anti-racism and racial justice in our personal and corporate lives.

We resolve to address racism and racial disparities in our own faith communities.

We resolve to eradicate economic disparities and system inequities in our spheres of influence.

We resolve as an interfaith community to work with civic leaders and elected officials in advocating for policies that dismantle structural racism and the ideology of white supremacy.

Please contact Mike Ramos, Clerk of the Meeting, with any questions and comments you would like to share about Cincinnati Friends Meeting being an active participant in this most needed initiative.

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