September at the Cape

From September 16–20, six of us gathered at Cape Hatteras for a spiritual retreat, our second September spending time together in fellowship and friendship. We were not sure that we would be able to go due to Hurricane Dorian, which had passed over the island a week earlier. The eye of the hurricane had actually passed directly over the Lighthouse View Motel where we were staying. Fortunately, the flooding subsided quickly, and the residents of Cape Hatteras, who are used to hurricanes, were able to clean up the debris in record time.

The focus of our retreat was centered on my new book, Reflections from the Inner Light: A Journal of Quaker Spirituality. The daily pattern was to have breakfast together, followed by two morning sessions discussing chapters from the book. A simple lunch was prepared, followed by an afternoon session/discussion. There was plenty of time left each day for reading, meditating, walking the beach, and sharing with one another. Our favorite place for dinner together was the Diamond Shoals Restaurant next to our motel.

Retreats are wonderful times for developing closer connections with one another. Being together to share our thoughts, meals, and the sounds of the ocean are conducive to spiritual growth. All who participated will never forget our time together.

Enjoying time together with an ocean view are (l-r) Cincinnati Friends Meeting members Mary Ellen Krisher, Jim Newby, Dick Patterson, Elizabeth Newby, and Suzanne Johnson, with guest (back) Anna Jean Hadley.

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