Jim Newby

James R. (Jim) Newby is the Minister and Public Friend at Cincinnati Friends Meeting. He began his second tenure here in April 2016, having served here previously from 1975-1980. The son of a Quaker minister, Jim is a member of the Religious Society of Friends and has served as a minister among Friends in Nebraska, Ohio, and North Carolina. He has been the Editor of Quaker Life magazine, and served on the faculty of the Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana for ten years. Jim holds degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry), William Penn College (Doctor of Divinity), Earlham School of Religion (Master of Divinity), and Friends University (Bachelor of Arts). He has written numerous books and articles on religious and spiritual subjects, primarily dealing with renewal. His most recent book is Reflections from the Inner Light. Jim is married to Elizabeth Salinas Newby, author of A Migrant with Hope and a specialist in matters concerning immigration. They have one daughter, Alicia Marie Clark, who lives with her husband, David, near Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Double Priority

In the course of studying the history of the people called Quakers, two major contributions come into prominence. On the one hand, Friends are known for their active social concern. Since their beginning, the story of Friends attacking a series of social evils has been a thrilling one. The most