Art-Bathing Meditation

The process of creating art and sharing it with others is always a surprising source of joy to me. Art is a whispered promise of the human spirit which says: “Life is more than what merely meets the eye!” There is so much more in store for us, more to be curious about and more to help lead us forward in hope.

I was in a fine spirit of hope when I put together a guided meditation featuring several of my original paintings. The subjects have been called watery skyscapes by friends, because that is where I drew my inspiration. A couple years ago it dawned on me that the sky is the poor person’s ocean. No matter how poor, or “poor in spirit,” we might be, we are always near to this sky-ocean. We are even immersed in it, often without conscious awareness.

The video version of my paintings, entitled Art-Bathing Meditation, includes directions on how to use the ten images as focal points for a contemplative experience. I created Art-Bathing Meditation for people who might benefit from a short, informal form of meditation. The video explains how I created the paintings, all strictly from memory and imagination. I hope the work speaks to all who might welcome an oceanic experience that will bathe their minds and soothe their sometimes weary souls. I invite all who are wandering, and maybe even floundering, in a seeming desert of cares: “Come here for a short, mindful, rest break!”

The sky really is the poor one’s ocean. No private club of elites here—all are welcome to this water! May we look up and into this great universal sea as if into the very light and love of God as reflected here and all around us. How well-attended we already are in this vision, this viewpoint. Let us keep on looking, both inward and outward, towards a happier, more meditative life, here now and forever!

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  1. Cathy Barney | | Reply

    That was really beautiful and a wonderful way to begin my day. I love the idea of the sky as our everyday ocean. When I am struggling, I often look up to the sky and her mystery and majesty put my problems into perspective. I love your paintings.

    • Ray Geers | | Reply

      Hi Cathy! I am excited to hear that my art helped you to connect with everyday mystery and majesty! It affirms a central part of my personal mission statement: “to share my wonder about LOVE being here, with and within us, through humble expressions of compassionate communication.” Comments like yours persuade me to keep trying to do this. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to let me know I made an impact on you. You appreciation makes a difference to me.

  2. Jeff Arnold | | Reply

    Thanks Ray. You provide an oasis.

    • Ray Geers | | Reply

      Your appreciation is refreshing to me as well Jeff. Thank you.

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