Welcome Deidre Hazelbaker

Kind, but tough. Transparent to a fault. And, generally optimistic. I am a busy beaver always ready for my next adventure. I am blessed with an AWESOME family. My husband Jayson and I are high school sweethearts who took 13 years to get married and have been together another 10 years. We have two inspiring young girls, Tegan (5) and Khaleesi (almost 7). I run a boutique social media marketing agency. You can usually find us all together on a campground, hiking, watching movies, playing sports, and exploring new places.

Looking back, I remember talking to my husband about wanting a gathering where we could share whatever inspired us through the week. It could be a poem by Maya Angelou or Robert Frost, it could be scripture. I still remember being in the meetinghouse when Glenn stood up and flawlessly delivered a Frost poem. We were both floored by the courage and the inspiration from not just the pastor, but from all the members.

While it took us a few years to seek out and find Cincinnati Friends Meeting, the first day we arrived (circa October 2019), Debbie greeted us with enthusiasm and pure joy to ensure we understood the structure (or lack of structure). She made us feel welcomed. It was a fully unprogrammed Day 1 for us. It was a little awkward, yet very peaceful. (With the kiddos, I soon knew I was also seeking silence.)

We felt right where we needed to be.

At the top of the website, the words, “Seeking God Daily through our Testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality” lead the mission. Community was what I was seeking. Cincinnati Friends is not pushy. The community is rooted in integrity. It’s intellectual. It’s simple (oh, how I love the simplicity). It’s open and affirming. I chose to become a member to get more involved and commit myself to a community that was already giving so much to my family and me. Cincinnati Friends provides an outlet to use my skills for true purpose.

As my little one said to her class the other day, “Do you know Cincinnati Friends? It’s pretty great.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Cincinnati Friends Meeting is delighted to welcome Deidre into membership with us. In addition to the warmth and energy she brings, she has been instrumental in seeing us through the pandemic, offering her professional skills to help us worship virtually. She has already been serving as our Twitter coordinator, and we look forward to growing together in community. 

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  1. Ray Geers | | Reply

    So simply put. Thanks for sharing your family and your world with us Deidre!

  2. Tom Zalla | | Reply

    Diedre, I really enjoy having you at meeting. I value you openness and appreciate your insights, contributions, enthusiasm and self awareness. You help make meeting fun and more spiritually fulfilling for me.


  3. Cathy Barney | | Reply

    We’re so lucky you and your family stumbled in. You have been such a gift and a guiding light binding us together during Covid.

  4. Nan Hatch | | Reply

    Diedre, it is a joy to have you all. I enjoy your warm creativity and cool good sense!

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