More Insects…Anticipation!

Participants share a moment of reflection.

These are quiet days in Cincinnati Friends’ little “pocket prairie.” The planning and preparations have been made, the bed was created and the grasses were planted. (Select the Category “Meeting Matters” at the right to find previous posts about our quest for More Insects.)

On December 18, the ad hoc native plant committee was joined by interested members and attenders for a seed scattering ceremony. Our time together began with a period of mindful reflection on the wonders of creation and our responsibility for stewardship of the earth. Participants were given a cup of the seed mix created by the Cincinnati Nature Center, which they sprinkled over the mulch in the prairie. The mix contained the seeds of 20 native prairie plants which will provide beauty all through the growing season as well as food for insects and birds. Gentle raking of the mulch allowed the seeds to drop below the surface. As these are surface-germinating plants, planting them more deeply would discourage their sprouting.

Now, we wait with anticipation to watch our hard work come to fruition. The addition of this prairie habitat to our property will provide not only food, but cover where wildlife can find shelter and places for wildlife to raise young, two more of the requirements for having our property named a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Other requirements are sources of water and the use of sustainable practices such as mulching our landscape beds, controlling non-native plants and refraining from the use of pesticides and fertilizers on the lawn. The meeting applied for NWF certification in February, and soon a sign will be posted on our property that will remind our members and attenders, and educate visitors, about our commitment to caring for the earth and its inhabitants.


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  1. Jeff Arnold | | Reply

    Thanks, Carole, for posting this article. I am excited about the work that the ad hoc native plant committee is doing, and eager to see the results this spring. I hope this unseasonable warm weather doesn’t confuse the seeds!

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