The Joy of Being…Together

December 10, 2022 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Have you ever considered that Spirit called each of us to Cincinnati Friends Meeting

That we belong to God, and God gives us to each other and satisfies our longing with a
sense of belonging?

During this half-day retreat, we’ll delve into this idea of being a covenant people. You’ll
have the opportunity:

  • To reflect on what brought you here, and what keeps you here.
  • To look at the ways you enliven the community, and the community enlivens you.
  • To consider how we, as individuals, belong collectively, even when we disagree [bump
    into each other] or feel the outsider.
  • To give thought to what it means to belong to one another.

Please email office@ if you’d like a copy of the Pendle Hill pamphlet Spiritual Gifts, the Beloved Community, and Covenant, which we suggest
reading prior to the retreat. And please consider yourself welcome, pamphlet or no pamphlet. Plan on a playful, intentional and refreshing gathering as we seek together the aliveness that creates a vibrant faith community.
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