Baptists and Quakers Build an Extended Beloved Community

Jim Newby, left, and Pastor John Ivey, right, share their faith's Christmas traditions

EquaSion congregations Beulah Missionary Baptist Church and Cincinnati Friends Meeting, located on opposite sides of town, welcomed one another for the third gathering this year as they broaden faith and racial connections. A group of about thirty, evenly split between the churches, met December 9 as Beulah Baptist hosted a time of sharing Christmas goodies, traditions, and songs, as well as collecting baked goods for feeding Tender Mercies, a ministry both churches have embraced.

Modeled on the friendship that has grown between Beulah Pastor John Ivey and Cincinnati Friends Minister Jim Newby as a result of their EquaSion involvement, the congregations have followed suit, seeking opportunities to gather and know each other. The first event, which Beulah Baptist also hosted, included a Jeopardy game that introduced participants to the similarities and differences in their faiths. The game and hospitality broke the ice with an immediate rapport. In June, Cincinnati Friends planned a picnic that included nature walks, an introduction to Quakerism, a performance by the Beulah Baptist Choir, and a Cincinnati Friends family folk music group. Organizers for both faith communities have worked to plan events and cement friendships.

Both communities look forward to expanding the relationship in the new year. Upon leaving the last event, a Beulah member hugged a Cincinnati Friend several times, asking, “When will we see you again?” That question was on the hearts of many.

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Beulah Deacon Henry Nelson shared his talent for playing blues on the harmonica

Beulah hosts Tracie Randolph, left, and Eleanor Hall, right, exude Christmas spirit as Beulah and Cincinnati Friends share the mic

Laughter erupts as the faith leaders kick off sharing traditions among congregations

Thanks to the Beulah choir director Wayne Davis, everyone sang

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    This whole thing is just REALLY wonderful!!!
    Warms the cockles of my ❤️.
    Thank you for the article, Cathy, and thank you Cincinnati Friends, for letting your lives preach…

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