Artsy Fartsy Saturdays

img_3185Artsy Fartsy Saturdays is a program that serves under-served children in the fourth to sixth grades in the Milford area. On the second Saturday afternoon of each month throughout most of the year, about 20 youngsters engage in such activities as building and playing drums, creating finger labyrinths, decorating yoga mats and learning yoga poses, making paper mache Venetian masks, and designing group sculptures. But this ministry involves more than just artwork. Its mission is to provide a safe, stimulating environment where young people can explore creative expression, be nurtured, tap into their creativity, connect with others, safely share themselves, be heard and affirmed, become more of who they are, and find a retreat from everyday stresses.

This program was founded and is operated by a member of Cincinnati Friends Meeting. Our faith community supports this undertaking financially and spiritually through grants and individual donations of time and resources.