Information for this Sunday, October 28, 2018

This is the fourth Sunday of the month. There will be a carry-in meal with the theme "comfort foods."

The Peace & Social Concerns Committee will meet in the library at 12:30 PM.

At the Meetinghouse: October 22-27

Tuesday, October 23, 7:00 pm, Introduction to the People Called Quakers class Thursday, October 25, 10:00 am, Daytime Spirituality Group  

Cincinnati Friends Meeting Directory

We are updating the Cincinnati Meeting Directory in October and need your help. Please stop by the table in the entryway and check your information in one of the draft copies. If you would like to update your picture, please send a digital picture via email to the office at, or ask someone to take your picture and have them email it to the office. If you will not be at the meetinghouse in the near future feel free to call the office or email any changes, additions, or corrections.

If you are not currently in the directory and would like to be included, please fill out the sheet “Contact Information for the Cincinnati Friends Meeting Directory” located on the table. (Only fill out what you would like included.) There is also a copy on our website at the following link:  New or updates to contact information for the CFM directory

Thank you!

Cleaning Supplies Drive for Bethany House

The Peace & Social Concerns Committee is sponsoring a two-week drive to collect cleaning supplies for Bethany House.  The drive will run from Sunday, October 14 through Sunday, October 28.  Thank you!

Items from their wish list include :

Brooms (see preferred broom below)
Buckets (see preferred bucket below)
Scrub brushes
Lysol (disinfect spray)
Room deodorizers
Laundry detergent (see preferred type below)
Dishwashing liquid
Paper towels
Garbage bags
All general cleaning supplies

Bethany House is also providing another way to share three preferred products by using a link to a wish list on  Bethany House Cleaning Supply Wish List 
These items can also be found at local stores.


The “SPICES” of Quakerism – New Spiritual Nurture Group

DATES:  November 1, 8, and 15 at 7 pm to 8:30 pm in the Fireside Room

Quaker Testimonies, aka SPICES, have been a central feature of The Religious Society of Friends since at least the early 1950s’ perhaps longer.   But what are they? How do they engage us? What is their function among Friends? The goal of this Spiritual Nurture Group is to explore our individual spiritual lives through the lens of Quaker Testimonies.  To do this we will consider the Testimonies not only as guiding principles or goals, but also as witness of what we collectively or individually practice.

We will employ several formats:

    Reading:  We will read aloud how the Testimonies are described in a cross section of Faith and Practice books and other Quaker writings.  

    Discussion:  What does each Testimony mean to you?   What practices may be included in each one?  What other Testimonies would you add? Why?

    Modified Worship Sharing:  What is your personal experience of the Testimonies? Which testimonies do you practice well? How? Not so well?  In what ways have we / you witnessed to this practice?

Since we will be examining our own personal practices, we will expect to keep confidential what we say to each other during our meetings together.  To help develop trust in the group we will not accept new participants after our first meeting without the consent of the group.

For more information contact Jim Crocker-Lakness.

Collecting Coins for Puerto Padre

Cincinnati Friends is still collecting coins for the Puerto Padre project in partnership with Wilmington Yearly meeting. If you would like to take a jar home please see Barb Napier.

Freedom Ride: One Quaker’s Civil Disobedience

The intentional violation of laws of church and state where those laws violate conscience has been a feature of Quaker history since its earliest days. The controversy over slavery in the United States became a major focus of civil disobedience for many Quakers in the 19th century. The "Fugitive Slave Law” declared that people who escaped slavery must be returned to their “owners”. And yet a network of northern citizens, including Quakers like Levi Coffin, consciously ignored the Federal law and assisted runaways to escape as part of the “Underground Railroad.”

David Fankhauser was instilled with these Quaker ideals as he grew up attending Community Friends' Meeting in Cincinnati, and graduated from Olney Friends School. In May 1961, he and other Freedom Riders made the conscious decision to violate southern laws requiring segregation in public transportation. They chose to engage in non-violent civil disobedience and accepted threats of violence, arrest and imprisonment for their public exposure of the injustice of the segregationist system.

On November 10th, David will offer an illustrated presentation about his participation in the Freedom Rides. His personal involvement with Dr. Martin Luther King and others led to devising the new "Jail, No Bail" policy of the Freedom Rides to fill Mississippi jails. He was arrested and imprisoned in Jackson City Jail and Parchman State Penitentiay for 42 days during the summer of 1961.

The program is sponsored by the three local Quaker Meetings: Cincinnati, Eastern Hills, and Community Friends Meetings. It will include opportunities for participants to personally engage with issues of civil disobedience through small group discussion and worship sharing. It will run from 10am to 2pm and at the Community Friends Meetinghouse, 3960 Winding Way, Cincinnati, OH. Lunch will be provided.