Information for this Sunday, December 17

This is the third Sunday of the month.  After the 11:00 Meeting for Worship.  All are invited to a carry-in meal in the fireside room.  

Nan & Eric Hatch will be sharing a slide show of their travels in New Zealand in the library at 12:30 pm.  

At the Meetinghouse this Week: December 11-17

Monday, 12/11/2017, 6:30 PM, Tao Study Group

Wednesday, 12/13/2017, 7:00 PM  Everyday Mysticism

Thursday, 12/14/2017:

     5:00-7:00 PM - Tender Mercies 

     7:00 PM - Richard Rohr Study Group

Holiday Outreach

Update- The wreath with gift cards will be delivered to Bethany House on Monday, December 18.  Therefore, Sunday is the last day to drop off gift cards to the meetinghouse. 

Tidings of comfort and joy! Please remember that November and December is our time set aside for sharing the holiday spirit. Bring in your Target or Wal-Mart gift cards for Bethany House and they will be added to our holiday wreath. We will deliver the filled wreath in time for Christmas. Please also to make sure you mark your gift cards with the amount ($10, $15, $20) if it isn't marked on the back so that Bethany House recipients will know how much they have to spend.  Both Target and Wall-Mart websites sell gift cards that can be mailed to you or CFM at no charge.  

Bethany House takes their families to these two stores to shop. Your gift cards will go to teenagers and mothers at Bethany House so they too can celebrate the holidays. Younger children receive gifts from other sources but teenagers and mothers are too often forgotten.  Please bring in your gift cards and help us fill our Wreath to overflowing, as our spirits overflow with care and concern for those whose lives are woven with ours during this holiday season.
Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Building and Repair Information and Updated 12/11/17

12/11/2017 Update

The office and library air quality was tested today.  The results will be back within 10 days.  We are still awaiting a copier replacement.

12/5/2017 Update

The furnace work is complete.  We are running ozone generators in the building this week to try to eliminate the remaining odor.  Other than the Trustee & Ministry & Council meetings, please do not use the building during this process.  Call the office if you need to arrange access.  The copier is still not available.  

11/27/2017 Update

Meeting was held at CFM on Sunday.  The electronics have been cleaned and will be returned to the meetinghouse within a few weeks.  Jeff Arnold is working with our insurance adjuster and ServPro to schedule additional air cleaning in the office and library.  

11/22/17 Update

ServPro finished up today with rug, cushion, and upholstery cleaning.   The new furnace installations supporting the sanctuary, library and office are complete.  A new furnace that will support the fireside room and the entryway will be replaced next week.  The current fireside room's furnace is still usable and will be running over the weekend.   The electronics have been sent out to Electronic Restoration Services, a specialty electronics cleaning company.  We hope to have the electronics, including the phones, and the WiFi returned and running in 2 weeks.  Our rented copier will be serviced by the owner, Modern Office Methods.

11-13-17 Update

ServPro began remediation work today.  They will be removing the soot, and vacuuming with HEPA filters.  We should have an estimated completion date later this week as they assess the extent of the work.

Work on a replacement furnace will begin on Thursday. 

On Monday, November 6, Sharon and Allen Riley stopped by the meetinghouse and discovered a "toxic odor" in the building and a white mist in the building.

What we think happened is that sometime after worship on Sunday, November 5, there were heavy rains at the meetinghouse and the drain at the bottom of the ramp to the basement could not remove the water fast enough. The basement flooded above the furnaces which continued to run for a while resulting in heating/evaporating/burning the water and whatever particulate was in the water. The resulting airborne residue was carried through parts of the building and settled more heavily in the office and library. There is some residue is in the sanctuary and surrounding areas. The furnace that supports the office and library are not functioning and a repair or replace plan is in the works.

It was discovered that the drain that runs from the grate at the bottom of the ramp all the way to the creek, had a major blockage about 50' up from the creek. Work was done on the blockage and the drain is now clear.

With safety as a top priority, SERVPRO, a professional cleaning service, has been hired to clean the entire meeting house.

Jeff Arnold and the Trustee Committee are doing an outstanding job mitigating the damage, working with our insurance company, and leading the repair efforts. We are very grateful for their time and effort!

if you have any questions or concerns please email the office and someone will get back to you. This way we won't overwhelm Jeff's or the trustees' voice mail or inboxes.