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Through the years Cincinnati Friends Meeting has collected many documents and photos that tell some of the history of the Meeting and of Quakers in the Cincinnati area. In an attempt to make these more accessible, we have decided to create this archive of historical documents. We appreciate all who have contributed to it and hope that it will help to preserve some of our shared history.

The documents are saved as Powerpoint Presentations in Google documents. Click on the thumbnail images next to each description to see the full documents. Some of the longer items are split into multiple documents, in which case, you'll have to click on the link for each part below the descriptions.


Establishment/History of Cincinnati Friends Meeting



1852 Incorporation of Cincinnati Friends Meeting




A History of Cincinnati Monthly Meeting of Friends by William H. Taylor - was read before the Shipley Literacy Society 10/20/1899. (See related items: the Shipley Literary Society Constitution, Bylaws, and Minutes and the Memorial Minute for William H. Taylor)




Listing of Cincinnati Friends' Ministers - includes where they came from and important dates such as when they served, married and/or died (founding - 1962)



Chart of Cincinnati Friends' Ministers through the years and major events during their terms (1924-1999)



Listing of major events in Cincinnati Friends Meeting history 1859 - 1934 (includes deaths, changes of minister, and the purchase & sale of property)




The early history of Cincinnati Friends Meeting through the personal recollection of Clarissa Gest



Photos of the Building of the Keller Road Meetinghouse (courtesy of Richard Faux)

July 1962: Breaking Ground

August 1962 - Part I: Foundations

August 1962 - Part II: Foundations & Floors

September 1962: Walls

November 1962: The Walls Grow

February 1963: Completion!

March 1963: Laying the Cornerstones

Photos of some members around the time of construction




1930 Summary of Construction costs for Eden Avenue Meeting


Historical photos of Meeting members & attenders

Porter Family Album

Speeches given on the occasion of the Meeting's 125th anniversary (1940)

"The Story of Quakers in Cincinnati," given by Robert M. Jones, minister

"125th Anniversary of Cincinnati Monthly Meeting," given by Milo S. Hinckle, Executive Secretary of Indiana Yearly Meeting

"The Civic Contributions of Quakers in Cincinnati," given by Helen Taylor Marx



Membership Certificates



Transfer of Membership for Henry W. and Sarah Emaline Coffin (Levi Coffin's children)




Membership certificate for Achilles, Anna M, and Esther Pugh



Handwritten Memorial Minutes




Murray Shipley (3/1/1830 - 1/20/1899); recorded as Cincinnati Friends' Minister 5/21/1868





Anna Marie Johnson (6/20/1841 - 5/31/1901); recorded as Cincinnati Friends' Minister 6/17/1886





William H. Taylor (12/25/1836 - 2/6/1910); recorded as Cincinnati Friends Minister 5/15/1890





Mordecai Morris White (2/3/1830 - 9/13/1913)



Members Booklets



1875 Members Booklet for Cincinnati Friends (printed by Achilles Pugh)




1885 Members Booklet for Cincinnati Friends - hand edited

pages 1-17

pages 18-32




1893 Members Booklet for Eastern Quarterly Meeting

pages 1-25

pages 26-51




1903 Members Booklet for Eastern Quarterly Meeting

pages 1-29

pages 30-69



Newspaper Clippings




"The Quakers of Early and Modern Cincinnati" - includes photos of the original Quaker Meeting and School House in Cincinnati and the Meetinghouse built by Orthodox Friends after the Hixite split





"Remembered" - from the Cincinnati Post (8/1/1925), this article talks about Edward Roll, who was buried in the Quaker Cemetary at Dreman Ave and West Fork Creek. After 101 years buried, rain eroded the ground so completely that his bones appeared.





"Asks $25,000 For 'Desecration' of Quaker Cemetery" (Date and newspaper unknown). Article on the desecration of a Quaker cemetery in Cumminsville, which is also mentioned in previous article, "Remembered."





"Big Store Celebrates 30th Birthday; Built on Site of a Quaker Church" (10/17/1926) - article talks about early Friends in Cincinnati and the store, which was built on the site of the original log Meetinghouse.





"Meetinghouse of Friends is Rushed" - article (10/21/1930) about the completion of the Washington Meeting where President Hoover worshipped.





"A Spot in Cincinnati" from the Cincinnati Enquirer (February 12, 1936) - includes an etching of the old Orthodox Friends Meeting in Cincinnati




"A Spot in Cincinnati" from the Cincinnati Enquirer (March 8, 1936) - includes an etching of Levi Coffin's home in Cincinnati




"Quakers of Cincinnati" from the Cincinnati Times-Star Centennial Edition (April 25, 1940)





"A Spot in Cincinnati" from the Cincinnati Enquirer (March 30, 1941) - includes and etching of the old Cincinnati Friends Eden Avenue Meetinghouse





"Enjoy Our Meetings According to Our Discipline" from the Sycamore Messenger (4/25/1963) - written for the dedication of the Keller Road Meetinghouse, this article details come of the history of Cincinnati Friends' Meetinghouses.





"Historic Church" from Northeastern Suburban Life Press (9/16/1987) - includes a photo of pastor Edward Balogh next to the Keller Road Meetinghouse sign.





"Other denominations part of city's history" from the Cincinnati Enquirer (4/8/1988) - discusses role of Greek Orthodox, Quaker, Baha'i, Unitarian, Mormon, and Islam faiths in the history of Cincinnati.



"Modern Quakers strive to maintain founder's beliefs" written by Cincinnati Friend Judy Leasure (1991) - interview with pastor Edward Balogh about how Quakers live out their beliefs somehwhat differently today than they did initially.





"You are welcome among Friends" from the Sycamore Messenger (8/8/1991) - includes many quote from pastor Edward Balogh about who Quakers are and what we believe.



Miscellaneous Documents



1860 Prospectus for Friends' School in Cincinnati (complete with handwritten names of students and tuition payments made).



Hand-drawn map of plots at Spring Grove Cemetary in Cincinnati





Constitution, Bylaws, and Minutes of the Shipley Literary Society of Cincinnati (organized by the young men of Cincinnati Monthly Meeting in March of 1899, the minutes go through March of 1900). Because this is a very long document, it is split up into multiple files. Please select the section that you would like to see:

(See related item: Memorial Minute for Murray Shipley)




Clarence Price and Susan Morris White - Declaration of the Intention to Marry at Cincinnati Friends (probably dates from early 1900's)




Friends Church School Christmas Program (12/21/1938) - includes names of children who played each part.





"Will America Be Saved? Will God Save America?" Hadwritten sermon given July 1941 (Robert M. Jones was CFM minister that year).





Letter from Thomas Kiphart to Blanche Shaffer (June 29, 1951) about the work of Cincinnati Friends' Minister Leslie D. Shaffer. (See related item: Photo of Thomas Kiphart)





Photo of Thomas Kiphart, probably from during the "Christian Endeavor Days" - when he was running for office (provided by Rid Kiphart).





St. Andrews Record - a weekly bulletin from St. Andrew's Methodist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee - featured "The Religious Insight of the Society of Friends" (August 29, 1954).





Story about Cincinnati Friends Weed Pulling Contest (8/1970) - includes lots of names of participants, especially children in the Meeting.





Program from "A Quaker Heritage: Historical Sketches" put on to commemorate Friends' Contribution to America in the country's bi-centennial year (4/23/1976) - includes names of all the Friends from the Cincinnati area who participated.




1926 Postcard sent from England to Cincinnati, with photo of Jordan's Meetinghouse in Buckinghamshire (built in 1688).




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